Gun Metal Nature…and I don’t mean that OOOO-WEEEE someone is in dire need of deodorant.  I mean the slumped in a chair, hair not done, looking like a hobo type funk.  I mean the can’t have a conversation because the response is nothing will work, and I have nothing positive to say anymore.  I mean the moment when your friends and your family start giving you the side eye and asking you what is wrong.  Yea, that FUNK!

So lately I’ve been noticing it more and more.  Unhappy twenty-laters and thirty-newbies who think they are failing at life and that somehow have lost their way.  Their spark is gone.  Their zeal is nonexistent.  Sorry to say, but their friends (even the good ones) start debating whether to invite them around.

What is going on here?

In our present time, the mid-quarter crisis is all too common.  You turn 25 and start questioning where you are in love, career, spirituality, family, and that dreaded word… SUCCESS.    A lot of people spend time perusing other’s highlight reels (FB, IG, etc.) and compare.  It may not even be intended.

@droppinit lost another freaking 50 lbs

@lovehimso is getting ready for her wedding on Saturday and everyone knows she’s done men dirty in the past (like THOT was created to describe her disciples – no lie)

@nomadumad just finished a 20 country tour last week and works at a Fortune 500 company

@educatedlass just got her doctorate and delivered healthy twins (in the same week)

With all this going on you may start wondering if maybe you could do the same, minus THOT discipleship of course.  Should you be losing weight? Should you be getting married?  Should you be traveling more, at all? Should you have gone back to school?

Yes? No? It’s no one’s decision but your own but yet the Funkers see all this swirling around and waste time trying to fit a piece of everything in a bottomless jar.  We’ve stopped looking for things that we like, and following our own path.

There are no rules!  There is no playbook! All we can do now is live, and make the best of what you got.  If we spend all our time trying to get to the next step on the ladder we’ll have never seen the glorious views on the climb.

*DISCLAIMER: All @ names are fictitious and were added for color.  Any similarity with actual users is purely coincidental.


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