Did anyone else have to create a PVL (personal vocabulary list) in English class?

Why a PVL? Basically you cannot expect to know every word in every thing that you are reading – unless you’re a know-it-all… so I hear
Therefore when you come across a word that you don’t know, you write down that word and the definition.  Then your PVL allows you to track what you learned while you read and you can challenge yourself to use the new words on your list.

#TruthMoment – I definitely sat with an open dictionary while reading Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope. His PVL is Ridiculous.

So anyway I’m currently reading Zealot by Reza Aslan and came across this line:

“Jesus, as is his wont, ignores these questions altogether and instead answers with his own enigmatic prophecy.”

If you’ve heard or read stories of Jesus the Christ, or just from using context clues, how would you define wont?  You can check yourself below.

Word of the day:
adjective literary
(of a person) in the habit of doing something; accustomed.
“he was wont to arise at 5:30 every morning”
synonyms: accustomed, used, given, inclined

noun formal humorous
noun: wont
one’s customary behavior in a particular situation.
“Constance, as was her wont, had paid her little attention”
synonyms: custom, habit, way, practice, convention, rule

Were you right? Will you keep a PVL?


*definition taken from Google


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