… or a Sandman?

It’s Memorial Day Weekend!

In addition to celebrating those that protect this great land it’s also the unofficial start to summer!

It’s finally getting warm and after this winter we’re all ready for a little sun and warmth, right?  This weekend is a great opportunity to reconnect with your friends.  If you’re not having or attending a barbeque then get out and play. If you haven’t made any plans it’s never too late so consider making some last minute plans.  

Attend your local Memorial Day parade, visit your closest state park or beach, or just visit with folks you haven’t seen in awhile.  Whatever you do, it does not have to be over the top or fancy.  Keep it simple and focus on the fun! 

You didn’t pick up the bbq essentials? Make it a picnic. Money is a little tight? Have a potluck where everyone contributes. There’s also free events to look for so check your community and county calendars! 

You’d be surprised how many people would be elated just to see you and spend some time in your presence. Get out there!  Besides isn’t it nice to be outside less the mad dashes to the warmth or my personal favorite – waiting for your car to warm up! 😉

Whatever you are doing this memorial day weekend, have a great time and stay safe!!  Let’s also not forget to thank those in the armed forces who continue to serve and sacrifice so we can enjoy our days.



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