So we’ve made it to the middle of the week and “guess what day it is?!” Happy Hump Day! It’s also National Sugar Cookie Day so I figured I would post something a little sweet!

To celebrate

please join me in dancing around – or bobbing slightly as you sit through your commute pretending you’re not ready to bust a move – to this amazing song of my week! “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit featuring Jess Glynne.

Clean Bandit is a British electronic group (according to Wikipedia) but I don’t care what group category they fall under I just like good music that makes you feel some type of way.  I’m in love with this song, because this song is in love with love.  I believe Jess Glynne gets credit for the lyrics so kudos to her but don’t quote me! I had it on repeat the whole holiday weekend!

 Clean Bandit reminds me of the musical duo 2CELLOS who have a mean version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, and BOND, the electric quartet who I absolutely adored back in 2003.  I would listen to their Explosive on repeat and imagine a production around that song alone.  If you’ve never heard of these artists definitely check them out.


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