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Sooo… yea. I fell in love with my trainer a couple months back.  It happened so quickly.  First I was wandering into a class to try it out and before I knew it I had a set class schedule on my calendar.  He was kind and gentle, he was fair, he pushed me when I needed pushing, and of course he wasn’t bad on the eyes! 😉  After my last class, I couldn’t wait until my next class… I was hooked. The first time I missed a class I was acutely aware of the time and my not being there!  It didn’t help that upon my return my trainer told me he missed me.  Just pulling at these little heart strings of mine.  Now for those of you that don’t understand what NYC is like, it for some may be some oasis of handsome and intelligent men at every turn handing you compliments free of charge… that has NOT been my experience. So sadly the easiest way to get my attention is something as simple as talking to me and not being a jerk.  Shockingly complicated, I know.  Needless to say, I was getting all of this from my trainer and enjoying every minute of it but then I remembered something very vital… he’s a trainer. A trainer is synonymous with coach, instructor, and teacher.  Each of those is a person that is there to help you to be a better person.  To uplift you, and to assist you in uplifting yourself. Overall they are pretty awesome by definition.  So anyway, after this revelation I asked myself “Do I even like this guy?” and like any other self respecting 16-year-old would, I went to google for guidance and validation. Apparently this happens to a lot of people – some worse than others, and men too!  It goes well for some (dating, marriage, etc.), and not so grand for others (finding a new trainer, going to a new gym).  Some trainers abuse the system, and some clients are completely wary of trainers due to that stereotype.  One woman asked regarding personal trainers in a Marie Claire article: “are they talking to you because they like you like you, or because they need a new client?” Lol There was one comment I read however – and I wish I could credit the contributor with a quote but alas it’s been months – which afforded me this second revelation…

 When you start taking care of yourself be it exercising, eating right, meditating, getting more of what you need, etc. you allow yourself to rebuild* your best self.  So, why did I think I loved this person all of a sudden? Because I was projecting on him how I was feeling about myself.  After each class I felt better than when I first came; proud, accomplished, more capable, and more comfortable.  I had stepped outside of my comfort zone initially and I was happy for it.

*I say rebuild because I believe we all come into the world perfect.  It is our life experiences that often leave us feeling jaded and broken. Months later, I’m still in class and I still look forward to each session.  I have a great relationship with my coach, trainer, and teacher.  I’ve even seen a few batted lashes thrown from a couple newbies and wonder if they are having their own revelations, lol.  So all in all, I love my trainer but I don’t love him love him, hahaha!  Must be the endorphines… 😉 xoxo


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