There once was a girl named Kate. Everywhere she went the sun followed. In the morning when she woke, it reached beneath the blinds. When she went for her bath, it tapped at the windows until her mother opened it up. At breakfast, it waited at the side door for her to come out and play.

One day the sun went away,

and Kate was sad.

She’d been sad before the sun went away, and was sadder once it had.

The cloud came to see her then. A dark gray cloud. And he followed her as the sun had. When she awoke. When she bathed. During and after breakfast. Something had changed!

Soon the lighting joined in and the storm cloud grew. It was so intense, no one knew what to do. So she did what she hadn’t in her life thus far and she cried and screamed til you could hear it from afar. Come back to me sunshine, this despair I can’t do. Come be my friend once again, I’m sorry I was a fool. I was angry and wary and I pushed you away but I’ve always hoped that you’d never go astray.

Stay with me sunshine, through the good and the bad.

Stay with me sunshine, I don’t want to be sad.

And the thunder quieted and the lightning flashed low. The storm cloud released it’s darkness and the light began to show! But still there was no sun and she yearned for the burn.

She said sorry that night, to the cloud in her way, and asked that he pass the message along if he’d stay. She knew the sun could hear her and she wanted him to. Don’t leave me dear sunshine, I’ll be here for you.

That night she went to bed with hope in her heart that the sun would get her message and again they could start. She closed her eyes and tried not to cry and wished good things on all in their time.

What awoke her the next morning was something warm and something bright. The sun had burst past the shades and blinded her with light. She couldn’t believe her luck and her gratitude she did share. Thank you for coming back to me! Then he said

I’ve always been here.


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