So it hit me today that I’m really single. Not like dating for fun, FWB on the side, lazy hook up single like single single.

And it’s not so fun

I guess I should preface this by saying I’m uber hormonal at the moment and thus have a valid excuse for self pity but that’s just another one of God’s gifts – being able to explain away any potential sadness. 

Why do I feel this way? Because I am utterly alone – at least that’s how it feels.  It’s weird! I have great friends, and amazing family. I’m never at a loss for things to do, people to celebrate, or places to visit. I enjoy being free to do as I please but if I think about it… 🎤

“I have no body to call my own… Ooooo”

This hook up culture seems to be working for some folks but it just comes off seedy to me. I know one person in particular that’ll tell me to give up the fairy tale but how can I? There’s got to be some truth to it, no?

The dilemma: The people I want don’t want me and the people that want me I don’t want.  Sound familiar? I know I’m not alone there, smh. No fair! Add to that the mix of situationships everyone seems to be in and it’s like taking on another job just to keep track. How do people make the time? Meanwhile no one even knows what their situation is –

“We’re just hanging out”

Please Stop ✋! Hanging out is what you did in middle school. No one can make a freaking decision anymore. 😒

So now what? 

Well… nothing. I get over it.
I watch a sappy movie or Miss Congeniality 👑 (hahaha! #MissUniverse) and call it a night.  I’m pretty awesome after all so I’ll be back to looking for my fairytale tomorrow.

Just telling it like it is (for me at least).
And uhh…Judge me not, everyone has their moments.

Peace and Love,


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