Written May 7, 2016

First off, who puts an empty can of salmon to soak?  I just stopped washing two sink loads of dishes to write this.  Isn’t it Virginia Wolfe who said she felt that writing went through her and when the winds came she had to get to a piece of paper right away and get it out otherwise it would leave her?  I got that from a Ted Talk btw I did not read that in my research of Virginia Wolfe.  I’ve also never researched Virginia Wolfe so this already feels misleading… Moving on!


What the heck is adulting?

The meme “I don’t want to adult today” is funny because it speaks to us adults who are in an age where we realize more and more that people are adulting – getting things done – doing what they have to do… and ENJOYING it. Lies! Who do you know that enjoys adulting? Who doesn’t want to spend a day watching Lifetime movies (or cartoons, your pick) and get called down when your afternoon pancakes are ready? Lol  We may not enjoy the tasks but maybe the joy comes from the sense of accomplishment you feel once you’ve done what needed to be done!
My favorite Ted talk has to be Mel Robbins’ How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over (link below) because one thing she said that struck me the most was that when we turn a certain age we have to parent ourselves.  The light bulb went off. It all suddenly made sense – as dumb and cliche as that sounds.  All I needed to know was that hey, the only person standing between you and that pile of papers you’ve been meaning to get to is you.  It’s not just going to happen, you have to make it happen.

I always thought that routine was something that happened to you.  It just fell into place one day.  You know you have to get up, get ready, commute to work, work, commute back, and get ready for bed, then do it all again.  Ok great, throw a couple food times in there, do laundry every now and again and boom you’re an adult with a routine.  Not so easy, or true.  The routine some of us – I won’t mention any names – fall into is, get up LATE, get ready in a hurry, can’t find that shirt you wanted to wear, don’t know where your left boot is, darn it you were supposed to do laundry on Sunday, run for your train… again, get to work, forget to eat, run out of work because you can’t wait to commute again and distance yourself from the work, and then slump on the couch, eat your one meal of the day (too late, I should add) and think about all the things you SHOULD do to prepare for the next day but instead you throw on your PJs (maybe maybe not) and fall asleep to start it all again.  Does that sound like someone you know?

Last weekend I declined a fun filled day of debauchery, I mean, traipsing around NYC: brunch in Brooklyn, day party in uptown Manhattan, drinking all day, etc. so I could do some adulting.  Like I legit messaged my friend to say, hey, I’m gonna stay in and do some adulting this weekend.  The truth was, I was working the week, doing what I needed for my job but not taking the steps to advance myself to the next stages of life.  What did I do while adulting? I cleaned, I ordered things on the internet that I meant to go to the store and get, I separated laundry, researched products I needed, and addressed my finances, setting up payments for the next month, checking balances, budgeting for vacations.  I only made a dent in what I felt I needed to do BUT I felt good about it.  Why? Because it needed to be done, it was weighing on me and at the end of the day, no one else is going to do it.

So I leave you now to return to the butt load of dishes/pots/utensils/lunch containers – even the butcher knife! (It’s gotten really bad if someone took out the butcher knife for something.  I can almost guarantee you it was to cut some cheese and whoever it was just didn’t want to wash a knife -__-) …but yes, I go back to cleaning this mess, not because I want to but because it need’s to get done.  My house of adults has decided they don’t want to adult today so I will. And I will continue to do so more consistently so I can learn to adult and relish in my accomplishments!

Happy Adulting!


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