When you want to write but cannot find a pen in your bag. I always have a pen in my bag, specifically for this reason. To write when I’m inspired to get my thoughts on paper.  I’m old school in that sense. l don’t take to the blog enough because my pen and paper is what gives me energy. 

When you can’t write fast enough for the thoughts are coming too quickly. 

When your inclinations to correct are shut down in order to get it out. 

That’s what matters. Not perfect – never perfect – but necessary. No use in holding it in. Let it out. Stop bottling up your creativity. Stop holding yourself in, tying your hands. 

Let your hands bend slightly at the wrist. Let your thumb and forefinger guide your writing instrument as your middle finger plays their supportrole. Let this partnership glide across the page letting the magic spew forth.  

Keep writing.

Yet sometimes the magic comes in a different way. Writing on apps, blogs, electronic notes,etc. that’s the new wave of creative outlets. At the end of the day, use what you have. 

Nothing can stop us. 

Nothing can stop you. 

Not even the illusive pen.

Keep writing.


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