Drafted July 12, 2016

Sirens blaring/ lights flashing/ EMT asking

“Ma’am are you okay?”

“Is there someone you can call?”

Someone you can call?

Someone you can call?

Someone you can call…

Who you gonna call? When there’s an emergency.  Who can pick you up when you’re down on your knees? Elbows scratched, knees scraped, she might need stitches but otherwise she’s safe,

We’ll keep her overnight for observation but yes thank you for coming forward

Who’s going to be there when you wake?

Who’s the name on your sheet?

Jane Doe you are not but it can feel like that.

Who do you have?  Who’s your emergency contact?

Settled in your sheets, they moved you to another room, the girl nearby has been humming some tune

She’s fidgety, alert, the opposite picture of you but when someone bounds through the door she’s suddenly calm. The energy exhange is clear.

Who’s your catalyst? Who’ll be there to pick up your energy or mellow you out? Who’ll be bounding through the door for you?


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